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Sewing Machines

Sewing machines that give you creative freedom

PFAFF sewing machines are renowned for their unparalleled ease of operation, allowing sewists, fashion designers, and quilters of any skill level to produce beautifully finished, precision-made pieces.

PFAFF has known the world over for its dedication to precise sewing through high-performance machines, and our machines reflect that care and attention to detail in their design & engineering.

From simple yet reliable models, through to full-featured machines like the creative icon - we have an option to suit every budget.

Many PFAFF sewing machines feature the Integrated Dual Feed system, a unique approach to presser foot design that effectively gives you an extra hand for your projects. Evenly feeding the fabric through the machine, the IDT system assists in creating perfect topstitching, positions stripes and plaids so the patterns line up exactly, and ensures quilt blocks are pieced together flawlessly.

To buy PFAFF sewing machines online, browse our online store or call our friendly customer service team for advice. You can also purchase PFAFF machines through your local PFAFF Retailer


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passport 3.0 Sewing Machine
passport 3.0 2
passport 3.0 Sewing Machine


ambition 610 Sewing Machine
ambition 610 3
ambition 610 Sewing Machine


quilt ambition 630 Sewing Machine
ambition 630.5
quilt ambition 630 Sewing Machine


expression 710 Sewing Machine
expression 710 2
expression 710 Sewing Machine


quilt expression 720 Sewing Machine
expression 720 web 2
performance icon Sewing Machine
performance icon web 2
performance icon Sewing Machine


creative icon Embroidery & Sewing Machine
creative icon3 web