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Written by PFAFF on April 4, 2023

How to sew Elastic with the PFAFF Elastic Foot for IDT™ System


It's time to stop searching for a better way to sew elastic.

The Elastic Foot for IDT™ System is a time-saving tool for sewing elastic in place. It guides the elastic and stretches it to the desired size, all while keeping your hands free to hold the fabric.

Use the Elastic Foot for IDT™ for active wear, lingerie, and other elastic insertion techniques. It's also great for sewing seams that are wider than 12mm.

Instructions for use:

  • Set the dark grey numbered dial on the Elastic Foot by aligning the number with the small metal arrow. The higher the number, the more elastic will be stretched. The stiffness of the elastic will influence the sewing result.
  • Gently push the dark grey roller towards the numbered dial and lift it up.
  • Insert the elastic into the longer slot opening on the base of the presser foot.
  • Turn the roller until the centre groove of the roller matches the width of the elastic so that the elastic will guide straight.
  • Bring the roller down on the elastic and click it into place by gently pushing it away from the numbered dial.
  • Snap the Elastic Foot onto the sewing machine. Set the machine for a regular zigzag stitch. Adjust the stitch width according to the width of the elastic and the stitch length according to the quality of the elastic and how much gathering is required.
  • Engage the IDT™ system.
  • Place the fabric under the presser foot and sew. The fabric will gather as the elastic is stretched and sewn in place.

The part number for the Elastic Foot for IDT™ System Foot is P8205450-96 and is compatible with machine model B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K, L.

Not sure what machine model you have? Check out the Machine Compatibility Chart

using the elastic foot diagram


Now you know how to sew elastic into your next project with the Elastic Foot for IDT™ System, why not add the Elastic Foot for IDT™ System to your collection by purchasing online?

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