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Written by Debbie Lomas on April 28, 2022

Serious Stabiliser Speak - Inspira Cut-A-Way

One of the fundamental elements of embroidery is using a stabiliser to prevent puckering and stretching of fabric during the stitching process. The essential component come in a variety of forms and can make or break an embroidery project.

Stabilisers are classified by the method used to remove the excess from the back of the project after the design has been stitched. The three most common types are:

  • Tear-A-Way
  • Cut-A-Way
  • Wash-A-Way

Although there is also some specialty stabiliser which are a crossover of these products.

In this Serious Stabiliser Speak series, we will look at each product individually and discover their best uses.

Cutaway stabilisers are a permanent stabilisers to support your fabrics both during the embroidery process and after the embroidery is completed. The stabiliser is designed to remain in the garment after the embroidery is completed. The name is derived from the fact that after you complete the embroidery, you cut the excess stabiliser away from the garment. It is a great choice for knit fabrics to prevent stretching with repeated laundering and wearing.

Inspira Cut-A-Way is a soft, non-woven stabiliser with strong, even consistency that provides permanent stability. It is ideal for dense embroideries with a large number of stitches. Inspira Cut-A-Way stabiliser is recommended for medium to heavy-weight woven fabrics as well as unstable fabrics such as knits, denim, linen and fabrics with open weave.

Directions for use:

Cut a piece of Inspira Cut-A-Way stabiliser large enough for the selected hoop. (This is usually the hoop dimension plus at least 25mm on all four sides). Hoop Inspira Cut-A-Way and fabric without stretching the fabric as you hoop. Stitch your desired embroidery.

Hint:  If your fabric is open or uneven weave, have you tried using Inspira Clear N’ Melt or Inspira Dissolve Away Plus to prevent the embroidery from sinking into the fabric?

Remove project from hoop and trim the excess stabiliser as close as possible to the outer edge of the embroidery as possible.  Follow normal care instruction for washing and drying, according to fabric type. Press with a medium iron.

Another great use is to place Inspira Cut-A Way stabiliser on the wrong side of a garment when decorative stitching.  Sew your decorative stiches and cut away excess on the back of the project.

Best Application:

Medium to high stitch count embroideries.

Sweatshirt fleece, polar fleece, heavy knits, canvas, denim, medium to heavy woven fabrics, home décor fabrics, heavy corduroy, cotton velvet, vinyl (not clear), leather, felt and handmade paper.

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Article written by Debbie Lomas
Debbie started her career working in a fabric store at the age of 20. She quickly moved into selling machines and teaching. After working with VSM for a number of years, she travelled to many craft shows around Australia teaching a variety of classes including the new love of her life, quilting and patchwork.

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