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Written by Debbie Lomas on June 21, 2022

Serious Stabiliser Speak - Dissolve-A-Way Max

When you want to sew an embroidery, although you want to remove all remnants of any sort of stabilisers, then a water-soluble stabiliser is the one to use. Water-soluble stabilisers are designed to dissolve in water when wet. This temporary stabiliser is fabulous when embroidering on sheer, delicate, or lightweight fabrics. It is works for designs where the back of the embroidery can be seen.

Inspira Dissolve-A-Way Max is the heaviest weight water-soluble film. It is the ideal backing for dense designs and thread weights stitched on heavy knits, like Ponte knit. It is great for embroidery projects like lace, 3D appliques, cutwork embroidery on towels and other applications where it is desirable for the stabiliser to be removed completely. Inspira Dissolve-A-Way max stabiliser can be used as a topper for medium weight, coarsely woven fabrics like duck cloth, to prevent the stitches from being distorted by the weave.

Directions for use:

For freestanding applique:

Cut a piece of Inspira Dissolve-A-Way Max stabiliser large enough for the selected hoop. (This is usually the hoop dimension plus at least 25mm on all four sides). Make sure it is taut in the hoop.

Hint: For dense embroidery designs, additional layers may be required for dense designs or heavy-weight thread. Always check embroidery design instructions to be sure that the design was digitized to be free-standing.

Embroidery design as per instructions. When embroidery is complete, cut away the excess stabiliser. Submerge the embroidery in warm hot water. Move the embroidery continuously and keep submerged in the water bath for at least 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with very warm water and repeat process if needed until all remaining stabiliser is completely dissolved. Place the embroidery on a flat surface until dry. Press with a warm iron using a pressing cloth.

For use as a topper:

Hoop the fabric to be embroidered with appropriate backing stabilisers. Place the Inspira Dissolve-A-Way on top of the hoop fabric and baste in place. Embroider the design. When embroidery is complete, carefully pull away the excess stabiliser. Any remaining areas can be blotted with a moist sponge or spritzing with water. A larger area can be removed with laundering. Place item on a flat surface until thoroughly dry.

Note: do not use this stabiliser if the project cannot be washed!

Best applications

Backing: Lace, 3D appliques, cutwork, Richelieu, decorative stitch borders.

Topper: Medium to heavyweight woven and knits, such as Ponte knit, duck cloth, heavy canvas, and thick towels/terry cloth.

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Article written by Debbie Lomas
Debbie started her career working in a fabric store at the age of 20. She quickly moved into selling machines and teaching. After working with VSM for a number of years, she travelled to many craft shows around Australia teaching a variety of classes including the new love of her life, quilting and patchwork.

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