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  • set of 4 magnets

    Set of 4 Magnets


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    For Metal Hoop. An extra set of Magnets available as an optional accessory.

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    For Metal Hoop

    An extra set of magnets available as an optional accessory.

    The magnets can be used to fix the fabric more securely to the hoop when not using adhesive stabiliser.

    Safety instructions - magnets

    • Persons having a pacemaker should not handle magnets.
    • Keep the magnets away from sensitive electronic equipment, computer disks or credit cards with magnetic slip.
    • Keep the magnets away from children, swallowing a magnet could cause serious injury.
    • Be careful not to get pinched between the magnets.
    • Extreme hot temperatures can affect the magnetism.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.300 kg


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