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Written by Julia Mulcair on May 25, 2022

An Intro to the PFAFF creative 3.0 and to me, Julia Mulcair

Hi There! I'm Julia, owner of online fabric store Pitt Trading and The lingerie society and all-round creative sewer. I sew mainly garments, with a heavy focus on lingerie making. I'm so excited to have partnered with PFAFF Australia as an associate, and can't wait to share my makes on the  PFAFF creative 3.0 with you.

I've sewn on a PFAFF my whole life. My first machine is the same one I sewed on until this new beauty arrived on my doorstep. And whilst there is a definite love affair happening with the creative 3.0 I'll never abandon my trusty creative 7550! It was pretty clear from the get-go there were going to be some major differences in my old machine to the newbie....25 years of evolving technology on display. I've been busy reading the manual and learning the ins and outs of this very clever machine. I filmed a run-through of my initial favourite features (the list is growing by the day) you can check it out on YouTube.

The creative 3.0 is a sewing and embroidery machine. It has over 150 inbuilt designs, which I'm really excited to explore. One of the first things I noticed about this machine is how SMART it is. That may sound silly when you're talking about a machine, but I swear it knows what I'm thinking! The digital display screen is super easy to use and is always on the ball, letting me know when my bobbin thread is low or my top thread isn't threaded correctly. The needle-down feature is another fave that makes life easier every sew.

The machine intuitively lifts the presser foot just the right amount to pivot your fabric when you lift your foot off the foot pedal, genius right? The touch screen display also makes it easy to move between stitches, which this machine has a lot of! The digital display is a fantastic visual tool, displaying the stitch on the screen, and adjusting the image as you make the stitch bigger or smaller, giving you a really handy visual on what your stitch will look like.

I sew a lot of lingerie, which means lots of delicate, fine fabrics, as well as a lot of stretch fabrics and elastic application. The creative 3.0 has handled everything I've thrown at it so far perfectly. Even the finest tulle and lace. This was my only concern with moving to a new machine, as my trusty old pfaff never missed a beat on these tricky fabrics. The creative 3.0 has put those fears to rest, handling everything I've sewn beautifully.
I've dipped my toe into the embroidery component of the machine today and I can already tell this is just the beginning of an extensive creative journey. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all.

 Until next time, Happy sewing Julia

Article written by Julia Mulcair
Julia Mulcair is the owner of Pitt Trading, an Australian online fabric store and the lingerie society, a monthly subscription service for lingerie sewers. She grew up around fabric, and has been sewing for 30 years. Julia focuses on garment sewing, with a particular love of lingerie making. She shares her makes on Instagram and YouTube and is always working on the next lingerie design!

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