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  • elastic foot overlocker

    INSPIRA® Elastic Foot


    The Elastic foot is great for sewing activewear, lingerie and other elastic insertion techniques.
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    The Elastic foot guides and stretches narrow elastic (1/4- 1/2, 6-12mm) as you sew it to the fabric. It is great for sewing for activewear, lingerie and other elastic insertion techniques.

    How to use:

    Preparing the machine:

    • Needle: Left or right, or both left and right
    • Stitch type: Three-thread overlock or four-thread ultra stretch mock safety stitch
    • Stitch length: 3-5mm
    • Differential feed lever: Normal position
    • Upper knife: Working or non-working position


    1. Before attaching the sewing foot to machine, pass the elastic tape through presser foot and adjust stretch with adjusting screw (A).
    2. Attach presser foot to the machine.
    3. Sew 2 - 3 stitches while pulling the elastic tape lightly to the rear of the machine.
    4. Continue to sew the elastic tape onto the fabric while lightly pulling the end of elastic tape.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.100 kg
    Part Number:

    6200815-96, 6200865-96


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